Ivy Wealth partners with you, providing advice for your specific financial position, life stage and goals. 

Our focus is to ensure our client’s portfolios are well positioned for the future.  We understand that investment markets can be volatile, and we help you to navigate these with careful strategy and planning considering your tolerance for investment risk.

We have access to detailed expert insights from highly regarded investment research houses and we can help you to invest with leading investment managers from Australia and around the world.  

We assist our clients to invest in the following asset classes:

  • Cash
  • Fixed interest 
  • Australian shares
  • International shares (including Asian, European, US and emerging markets)
  • Property and infrastructure

Some of our clients have specific priorities when investing including:

  • Ease of portfolio management
  • Reducing investment costs 
  • Portfolios that adapt to market and economic conditions 
  • Transparency of the underlying assets 
  • Environmental, Sustainability & Governance (ESG) considerations

We have the options available to help you develop a portfolio that can meet these priorities. 

Cashflow Management

The ability to meet short, medium and long-term goals is greatly impacted by the ability to manage cashflow and stay within a structured framework. The biggest problem for many people is lack of a clear money or cashflow plan that is centred on the things they can control – earning, spending and saving. 

Cashflow management is a fundamental principle for financial wellbeing and as such, requires a dedicated commitment from you to make it work for the short, medium and long term. Everyone’s financial situation is different. Some situations are quite simple and others can be quite complicated. 

Depending upon where you fall, the level of support required to manage your money, may become more relevant and significant. Understanding your financial structures and the time it takes to manage them efficiently, may also dictate your need for a professional money management solution. 

Our strategic financial planning approach begins with cashflow management, and when backed with the technology, service and coaching, puts you in prime position to achieve your agreed financial goals. 

Ask yourself the following questions:  

  • Do I truly understand where I spend my surplus and household money each month? 
  • How much of my income is available as disposable or discretionary spending, and how much is used on essentials, each month? 
  • Does a surplus or a shortfall currently even exist? (Monthly, Annually) 
  • If there is a surplus, then do I know where it has been going? Can I demonstrate this so that it can be clearly identified on paper? 
  • Am I clear about my financial objectives and goals? Am I also clear as to how I am going to achieve them? 
  • Do I have the knowledge and expertise to do this on my own and without the financial tools to assist me? 
  • Am I prepared to pay for a professional solution and seek assistance in order to maximise my financial potential?

If you can relate to any of the above questions, then with the benefit of our professional expertise, we can build a structured approach that is aligned to achieving your personal financial goals.

Investing is for any life stage, and our Ivy Wealth team have the knowledge to help you grow. 

To find out more about how we can assist you in getting the best out of your investment portfolio, please give us a call on 6245 1777

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