Ivy Wealth is a wholly Tasmanian owned financial planning practice.

We assist our clients by providing personal and professional advice in the areas of investment, superannuation, insurance, retirement, estate and aged care planning.

Our clients enjoy an exemplary level of professional service which is transparent, individually focussed, compliant, meaningful and holistic.

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Tools & Calculators

No matter your current financial position, you may have questions around the decisions you are making and how they impact your position, both now and in the future. There are financial calculators available that may help you think through your options and model various scenarios.

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Ivy Wealth Mission Statement

Ivy Wealth are here to guide our clients and their families on the path to financial security and prosperity.

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Ivy Wealth Vision Statement

We are striving to achieve our vision of a future where Ivy Wealth’s values are synonymous with our brand and stand out in our industry.

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Welcome To Sentry

Sentry was established more than a decade ago and operates across a number of integrated and complementary Australian Financial Services Licenses and an Australian Credit Services Licence business.

They are industry leaders, with a strong emphasis on using the latest industry technology, while being flexible and well-resourced to provide Ivy Wealth with a level of support that we need and services so that we can better service our clients.

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Our Services


Investment advice isn’t just for the elite few who are already wealthy, anyone can benefit from professional, informed advice.


From the day you start work to the day you retire, superannuation contributions form the basis of a great financial plan.

Wealth Protection Insurance

Every great financial plan takes into account the threats and risks that you face and uses tools and strategies to reduce and manage those risks.

Retirement / Estate Planning

Retirement can be both a time for exciting new changes in your life and a time of uncertainty about how you will manage your income and expenses.

Aged care

Understandably, most people want to stay in their own home for as long as possible because it is familiar and comfortable.

Business Solutions

Australians are familiar with insurance particularly with their cars, home and contents and business property.